Our Mission:

Kids First.

When a child experiences abuse, it takes a community to help pick up the pieces.  Since 2010, the Justice for Children GLOW Foundation has worked to rally our community to financially support the vital work of the Justice for Children Advocacy Center and Multidisciplinary Team. 


The Justice for Children Advocacy Center in Batavia, NY, provides a single, safe, child-friendly location for children who have been physically or sexually abused. Here, they can receive medical examinations, forensic interviews, advocacy and counseling services. The Justice for Children Advocacy Center sees fragile children at their most vulnerable moments, and in those moments starts the process of healing.

Our Mission

The mission of the Justice for Children GLOW Foundation, Inc. is to provide philanthropic support to enhance the work of the Justice for Children Advocacy Center and multidisciplinary team throughout Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming (GLOW) counties.


The mission of the Justice for Children Advocacy Center and Justice for Children Multi-Disciplinary Team is to seek to reduce the incidence of child sexual and physical abuse, to minimize trauma to alleged child victims, and to promote healing for victims and their families by collaborating with a variety of professionals to provide services at a single child-friendly facility. 


Our Impact

The Justice for Children Advocacy Center is 100% funded by state, federal and private grants as well as individual donor contributions.  The Justice for Children GLOW Foundation  is committed to making sure that no child will go without vital support and services because of lack of funding.  We strive to fill every fiscal need of the Justice for Children Advocacy Center and the kids they care for, ensuring the highest quality services and resources are available to all children and their loved ones who have been impacted by abuse in the GLOW region. 


years serving the community

The Justice for Children GLOW Foundation has always been staffed entirely by dedicated volunteer Board Members, ensuring that 100% of all donations go directly to funding our mission.



thousand dollars raised

The Justice for Children GLOW foundation has benefited from partnerships and donors in the GLOW Region to raise funds to support services at the Justice for Children Advocacy Center and to establish a permanent home for their main office.



hundred children Impacted

From the time the Justice for Children GLOW Foundation was formed in 2010 through the end of 2017, we provided support to the Justice for Children Advocacy Center as they served 1,738 children.


Justice for Children Advocacy Center Services

The Justice for Children Advocacy Center staff and multidisciplinary team consists of compassionate, highly-skilled professionals in the fields of law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, medicine, mental health, victim advocacy, and forensic interviewing.

All services provided to children and their caregivers at the JFCAC are offered on-site and free of charge to families.

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forensic interviewing

Forensic interviews conducted in the child-friendly environment at the JFCAC provide children the opportunity to share their stories in a safe space with a highly-trained and compassionate Forensic Interviewer.  All Forensic Interviewers at the JFCAC meet the high training standards of the National Children’s Alliance Accreditation, and work closely with the multidisciplinary team to ensure that the interviews are conducted in a manner that is culturally sensitive and responsive to each child’s individual needs.  The goal of the Forensic Interview is to reduce the number of times a child has to discuss the abuse, gather facts from the child in a non-leading, neutral manner, and decrease the trauma to the child.


Mental health counseling

Many children who have been impacted by abuse benefit from mental health counseling,  The Licensed mental health providers at the JFCAC provide trauma-focused therapies, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and play therapy.  Counseling is provided in the child-friendly environment of the JFCAC, and focuses on empowering children to tell their trauma stories, identify and overcome challenges, develop positive coping skills, and build healthy relationships.  The mental health providers at the JFCAC also focus on supporting the family as a whole by supporting parents and providing them the encouragement and knowledge that they need to assist their children in recovering from the trauma. 




Medical exams

Every child who visits the JFCAC is offered a complete physical exam by a medical provider who has received specialized training in the field of child abuse medicine.  The most important reason for the exam is to ensure the health and well being of the child and to reassure the child and parent that they are okay.  The exam also allows the medical provider to diagnose and treat any medical conditions and document any significant findings


victim advocacy

Each family that comes to the JFCAC is assigned a Victim Assistant who will work with them through all stages of their case.  Victim Assistants provide children and non-offending caregivers with emotional support, case updates, information and referrals, assistance filing for victim compensation, court accompaniment, and advocacy within the criminal justice, child protective, mental health, medical, and social services systems.


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multidisciplinary case review

All cases involved with the JFCAC benefit from a team approach to investigation and prosecution of cases of child abuse, with the best interest of the child as the top priority.  Professionals in the fields of law enforcement, child protection, law, medicine, mental health, and victim advocacy meet regularly in order to ensure that all interventions are coordinated in a manner that is the most beneficial to the case and the wellbeing of the child.

community and professional education programs

The JFCAC offers educational programming to children, families, child-serving organizations, and professionals in a variety of fields.  From evidence-based models, such as Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children and Child/Teen Safety Matters training to custom made presentations on topics such as handling a disclosure of child abuse, dynamics of child abuse, minimal facts interviewing, and mandated reporting, the JFCAC strives to ensure that the community is aware of the prevalence of child abuse and equipped to intervene when they see a child at risk.


April 2018

"All too often otherwise caring adults ignore or dismiss signs of abuse. Frequently fear, embarrassment and denial stand in their way. The best advice I can give these adults is to honor the courage of the children who choose to tell by demonstrating your own courage on behalf of the child who has chosen to tell you, or who can’t find the words to tell at all. Educate yourself about the signs of child abuse and always take action when you see them. Call someone for help when you’re not sure what to do."

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